31 Days | Day 14 {Fly}

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Today’s prompt: Fly.

beginning of a sunset 10/13


Earlier today I saw this quote: “we grossly underestimate God.”

and we do. At least I do.

I overestimate in my own doing, and underestimate in His doing through me.

Instead of trusting in what He’s doing, I’d rather do it all on my own… and i fall flat on my face. I always do.

I want to hover close to the ground so the inevitable fall isn’t too brutal. I don’t like getting hurt, and am afraid of the unknown–so if I stay close to the ground, or stay on the shore, I won’t lose anything. No risk. No worries. Right?

But that’s not what God wants. He wants us to fly. He wants me to do bold things– to go out on a leap of faith, with the promise that he’ll catch me if I fall to the ground. He’ll be with me, and will be for me– but I  have to be willing to take a chance and soar higher than my logic will allow. I have to quit underestimating in who He is– and give Him the chance to show me what great things are in store if I’ll leave the safety of the shore. I can fly higher than I ever thought I could with him in me.

As the cliche goes… what if i fail? but darling, what if you fly?

And with God, fly i shall.

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