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near (five minute friday)

holaaaa. This is my first post on my new site! I moved over to the new FistbumpPress a few days ago. It’s a baby-step to buying my own domain and setting up on my own platform; after I can manage to use this platform well (and prove that I can pay for it), I’ll start going about getting a domain. I’m still working on a few things, but overall I like it a lot!




this week’s FMF word:

He wraps you in goodness.

Annie Downs shared this verse (Ps. 103 1-5 The Message) on instagramĀ a few days ago, and it hasn’t left my brain.

He wraps you in goodness.

I keep picturing a kid wrapped up in a warm blanket, snug and cozy and safe. (That’s a bible journaling picture waiting to happen).

He’s that near to us. That close. He wraps us up, tight and warm and snug. I just can’t get that image out of my mind.

I spent a lot of my faith life at the beginning thinking this God person was high in the sky, pointing his finger at me as he makes all my choices and questions my behavior (which was near perfect– but near perfect wasn’t good enough for God, or so I thought).

But no. That's not our God. Our God is Emmanuel-- God with us. Not away from us. Not against us. Not shaming us. With us. In us. Around us. Click To Tweet

He is near. As near as my fingers are to these computer keys, or how near my pajamas are to my skin. He is near.

And he wraps himself around us, promising that he'll never leave us out in the cold. Click To Tweet


7 thoughts on “near (five minute friday)

  1. A new home! How exciting. Hope you’re enjoying playing around and learning new things!

    I have nothing to add to what you’ve said here. I’m glad that He’s closer than my favorite pajamas. What a beautiful truth.

  2. I love your ideas of nearness. Thanks for sharing. Congrats on the new site. Baby steps – you can do anything for 15 minutes as FlyLady says. FMF #8 this time!

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