Hi there.

By writing, you are saying to God, “I agree with you, you gave me a voice, and the gift was not in vain.”-Donald Miller


Hi!  I’m Jordan.

Intros are hard.

The basics:

I studied English and education in college.

I’ve lived 24 of my 25 years in and around Nashville. Currently, I live with my mom in Mt. Juliet, TN, your stereotypical small town.

I like to write. Writing is the only way I make sense of anything in my life. I write ten times better than I talk, which is why I abhor phone calls.

I’m trying to make a career out of it. (Writing, not phone calls. *shudders*)

Prior to writing, I planned on being a teacher (that plan failed drastically) and then taught reading at an awesome afterschool non-profit in Nashville for a year.

The extras:

I love books. I usually am reading 3 at once, very slowly. I love music too, all kinds.

Jesus is great (especially when I’m not). My relationship with Him shapes everything I am, believe, and do. I hope my life reflects that, but thank goodness for grace on the days it doesn’t.

I’m an INFJ (Myers Briggs) and 2w1 (Enneagram)- which means I love people really well, but they also drain me of every ounce of energy. Personality is complicated.

I loved pugs before Doug the Pug made them cool. I have 2 currently (Russ and Lola).

I don’t do sports. I do politics, but that stays off of the blog (mostly).

I have depression and GAD. I write about it a lot, especially how these illnesses coincide with my faith.

I love social media–I share mostly quotes, scripture, and pictures of my dogs; you can follow along if you like that kind of thing. Links are on the right.

I love stories, and use my blog to share the one God’s writing in me.

Thanks for walking alongside me as I write through this life, one word at a time.

“My aim isn’t to write beautiful words. My aim is to be changed by God, write about it, and pray others are too.”- Jess Connolly