Well, hello there. I tried to have a blog a while back… and if you can’t tell, it didn’t work out quite nicely. I’m kindof a forgetful person. Oh well. I started using a tumblr for shorter/more picture based blogging. It’s fun, but not really what I’ve been needing lately.

Lately I’ve felt it on my heart to write. I’ve always like writing, moreso for creative purposes as to vent/write about myself. However, recently I’ve been starting to be more open about myself and my life…so maybe this is part of that. I really don’t know,but I guess I can give it a shot. So, I created this second blog on a whim last night. I really just needed to log into my old blogger account so I could comment on a friends blog. But somehow I came around to deciding that this is something I want to try to venture into, so here goes. 😛

As to what this post is actually about. When I created this blog I had to log into an old email account (like early high school account I used for like a year then hopelessly forgot about), as it was the account the blog was on. When I did that I decided to decipher through some old emails I miraculously had saved on my account (I did this a while before I left for college last year on my primary email. ‘Twas fun). Most of the emails were between me and my best friend Natalie (cause we didn’t have cell phones and thought it was cool to email each other. we were awesome). 

I seriously spent a good twenty minutes laughing uncontrollably at these emails. At almost 2 in the morning. I was already delirious at this hour, so I’d probably had laughed at the ceiling by this point. But they were still funny. Not so much at their content (though I must say, if you know me and Natalie, that was definitely entertaining). But moreso funny at how we talked. What we talked about. What we said to each other. They made me laugh because of who we were then compared to who we are now. It makes me miss those days in one sense, and happy as heck they’re gone in another. I love the memories these emails (and others) make me think of, from middle and high school. I  honestly was one of the lucky kids that loved high school most of the time, and have many fun-filled memories of my crazy adventures while there.

I’m ready to make new memories now. I want something to look back onto and say that it was worth doing. I want a life that I can look back on and say it was worth living. I’m not saying those memories from the past aren’t worth anything. They have made me who I am. But I am so ready to break out of this shell and do something worthwhile. I for once in my life want to step out of my comfort zone. Imagine that! Haha.  I don’t know where God’s gonna take me, but I’m praying he breaks me out of my shell to do something worthwhile. I think it’ll be worth the wait to see what he has in store. 🙂

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  1. I can't wait to see what God has in store for you! I think you'll like life outside of your comfort zone. But, it does take a little adjusting. Hang on for a great ride!Love you!Whitney

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