happy days are here again.

So, not gonna lie: this was one of the best weeks I’ve had in awhile, and definitely the best week since I’ve been back at Lipscomb.

Visits from friends and family (some expected, most not), lots of beautiful music (ah, choir music-there’s nothing quite like it!), plus things going actually as I needed/expected them to for once. School work and long days were taken in stride and not stressing me out for the first time this semester-guess I’m finally starting to get in the groove of it all again.

Everything I needed this week just unfolded into my lap. And it was extraordinary.

I know every week/day isn’t gonna be like this. But it’s reminded me of two things:
  1. I really appreciate everything and anything God has placed in my life this week. Seriously.  I have been on cloud nine this week! A perfect mixture of good classes/school stuff plus adventure plus just happy moments have made this week so lovely.
  2. every day, no matter how crazy or stressful, is going to have some good in it.  In the midst of chaos, God brought me some happy moments to get me through.  It has brought me a whole new outlook this week. Let’s hope it sticks!

I feel like all of this started after the campus retreat last week. I didn’t blog about it mainly because it was personal and something I really didn’t want to write about here in length. Here’s a quick synopsis: lots of Jesus time, Bananagrams for 3+hours, star-gazing with some lovely friends, lots of s’mores and lots of doggy time with Brave, who is quite honestly the CUTEST PUPPY EVER. 
The weekend really helped me clear my head and helped me focus back on my relationship with God. I realized how much I had been distracted by everything on campus and focusing on everything except God. It really knocked me to my knees.
So, I’m trying to get my life back in gear. And so far, I feel like I’m doing okay with it. I read a blog about things to help you find quiet time in the chaos of life (thank you Pinterest!), and one of the tips was something so simple that has helped me immensely. She says to leave your Bible/Devotional open on your desk/table area so that you see it first thing in the morning. Seems easy enough. When I have homework I have to finish, I leave it opened up on my desk so I remind myself to get it done when I wake up. Same principle for my morning Bible study. 
  I am blessed (or cursed?) with being a morning person, so usually once I get dressed and whatnot I sit and play on my computer. In fact, the 1st thing I normally do is check my facebook/twitter/email/pinterest. I’m a sucker for social networking, y’all. It’s a problem. 
So this week I’ve been taking a semi-hiatus from twitter and facebook. I deleted the apps off of my phone FOR GOOD- I deleted them for the retreat and decided I didn’t miss them. 
   And the first thing I’ve been doing before anything else is starting the day with my Bible wide opened on my desk, highlighter in hand. I’ve been getting back into Isaiah again-started reading it this summer w/ my sweet friend April but stopped when school started. It has been overwhelming getting back into it and being reminded of how amazing and beautiful God is. It has truly been a blessed way to start each day this week.
I have had my eyes opened to God all around me this week. I feel like that’s part of what has made this week so wonderful. Starting my day off worshipping and listening to my Savior has really made me look at every day differently. I know not every week is going to be as wonderful, but I really do believe  that taking a bigger step with my faith is going to help me when the weeks do look rough. 
I think I just needed some time to see that God is bigger, and with Him everything is gonna end up okay. Such a beautiful thought, yet so hard to trust in.
To quote the song that wouldn’t get out of my head all weekend, I needed to fall in love with God. Again. I need to fall in love with Him every day. And I feel that I’m getting there. 
oh happy days, you are here again-could you stick around for awhile? 🙂
Now, back to the world that is studying. Ah, college, how I love thee! (most days)

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