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Five Minute Friday time! 5 minutes, write what comes to mind. no editing, no over-thinking, no worrying about perfect grammar or punctuation. Just write. This week’s word is:


I started student teaching this week. Next week I take the PRAXIS exam I should have taken in May; as long as all goes well, I will be full-time teaching a week from today.

I’ll be full-time teaching at my alma mater, a literal dream come true.

I live in the neigboring county from my university, so I was quite shocked when they OK’d me to student teach at my school. despite my requesting it, I figured they’d want me to stay in the metro area, but was pleasantly surprised. and relieved.

Here, I feel at home. I love being at a place where teachers, principals, and students already know and love me.

Here, I feel prepared. The teachers I had at this school prepared me to be teachers, and the professors I had in colleged helped shape me and pave the way.

Here I am. At the biggest new chapter of my life. At a place I love, a place I feel so comfortable in.

Here. Here in this moment, in this season, in this place like home- I am at peace. I am happy.

ok i won’t lie: I may have edited one word because I repeated it in about 10 times. I tried, I promise!

7 thoughts on “here {Five Minute Friday}

  1. Hi Jordan, I’m visiting your blog for the first time via 5MF.
    CONGRATULATIONS on your new career and everything going so well. My husband and children are all educators so I connected with your writing right away; I also have a granddaughter named Jordyn 🙂 I wish you well.

  2. Here, can be an exciting place to be. The moment is full of promise. I hope that the transition goes smoothly for you, and that you continue you to feel at home in your new teaching position. Thank you for sharing this exciting time with us.

  3. hi jordan, i’ve been browsing posts from Friday b/c i was away (in Nashville) for the FMF retreat:) i enjoyed reading yours. so exciting to be at this point in your life isn’t it? wow! almost ready to get started as a professional. enjoy this student teaching experience. i know you will do well. blessings!

    1. Thank you Martha! (totally thought I’d already replied!) So jealous you were at the retreat- y’all were in my neck of the woods! (I live in a suburb of Nashville 🙂 ). Thanks for the encouragement! I’m excited about what’s in store.

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