Alone {Five Minute Friday }

This week’s Five Minute Friday prompt is…




with my thoughts.

they suffocate and weigh me down;

thoughts and desires


worst-case scenarios

swirl through my head,

a constant recording

looped on repeat.


engulf every inch of me




I try to make up my mind

by myself,

thinking only I know

what my heart truly wants.

life, however,

constantly reminds me

how I don’t know it all

(despite wanting to),

and sometimes I need

a little help,

a guiding thought,

a reminder of support

from others.


is where

i drown.


is where

I am pulled

from the depths

of my own mind,

back to the shore.

alone is where

my thoughts enslave me,

but they remind me

that i need people

to break those chains.


*dudes, I never write poetry. Kind of a vulnerable thing for me, as creative writing=not my forte. But this is how my thoughts were rolling tonight, so I rolled with it… I’m kinda scared to go back and read it. No meter, no scheme… just free-versin’ it. Hope it’s readable and understandable. (i went back and added some commas so it’s a tad more readable. didn’t change any words though, promise!)

12 thoughts on “Alone {Five Minute Friday }

  1. Loved this! For someone who doesn’t write poetry, you were blessed with words tonight. I loved the imagery you created and the dissonance between alone and not alone. Beautiful! Glad to be your neighbor at FMF.

  2. Jordan, as a poet myself, I thought this was beautiful. Isn’t it amazing how sometimes we sit down to write and something totally unexpected comes out? These words could have been penned by me. So many similarities to how I think and interact with others. I’m parked in the #9 spot this week.

  3. I dig this. It’s honest and true – and I have a suspicion that maybe, just maybe, you feel a little better having gotten it off of your mind. Poems are healing. They let us express ourselves in ways we otherwise wouldn’t.

    Keep on keepin’ on, my friend!

    1. You’re absolutely right, I did feel better afterwards. I’d never thought about it like that–I’ve only written poetry for assignments before honestly! It definitely helped me express what I was thinking…every other thing I tried to write about kept not working til I tried this! Thanks friend 🙂

  4. It’s beautiful, Jordan! And so brave. We all need people to help us not drown in the aloneness. Thankful for in real life friends and this online community that helps me from feeling so alone.

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