yes {five minute friday}

A little late, as I was out for the count last night before the prompt was given! 🙂 

This week’s Five Minute Friday prompt is: 



On instagram, author/illustrator/poet (at least  I think he’s a poet) Dallas Clayton posted this illustration:

if you don't follow @dallasclayton on insta, you should. He's fabulous.
if you don’t follow @dallasclayton on insta, you should. He’s fabulous.

That question has been ringing in my head ever since.

So, Jordan: what have you always wanted to do? 

Two thoughts immediately sprung into my head:

1. I want to write.

2. I want to help others write.

The real question is: will I say yes to what I’ve always wanted? 

Will I choose a path I don’t know in lieu path I have been walking down for so long?

Will I stray from the plans I so carefully made in exchange for something new (that really isn’t as new as I think it is)?

I want to say yes. I want to choose YES  to what I’ve always wanted… even if it took me until now to realize that this is what it was.

Saying yes to the unknown terrifies me. I have no clue how I’m going to get there, especially when I had everything else so planned out.

But I’m choosing yes. I’m hoping yes is the right choice.

So, what is it that you’ve always wanted to do with your life that you haven’t said yes to yet?

** I went back after time to insert pictures and add some stylistic things like bolding. 🙂

My theme verse for the year, via @christinecaine... I was made to say YES to such a time as this.
My theme verse for the year, via @christinecaine… I was made to say YES to such a time as this.

3 thoughts on “yes {five minute friday}

  1. YES! Love that question… “what have you always wanted to do”? And I imagine it would be interesting to even follow that question with, “what is it that you actually do”? Wonder how those answers would match up…for myself… and others.

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