31 Days | Day 1 {Calling}

This is the first post in my 31 Days series. Don’t know what that means? Go here

Day 1’s prompt is:

Calling. I swear, y’all can read my mind when coming up with these prompts or something.


I’m working at a Montessori school right now. While I don’t know a lot about it, one of the sayings of the school’s founder stuck in my head:

Help me to do it myself.

Kinda feels like an oxymoron at first to me… until I started thinking about it in my own life.

Teaching has been the only calling I’ve truly ever felt on my life. I’ve always loved to teach, whether in a classroom, in a Bible study, in ministry/service, tutoring in the writing studio- I love to help people learn. Hands-down that’s my calling in life.

I just realized that I wasn’t going to fufill that calling by being a teacher. But, now what?

I have no freaking clue. None. And that’s effing terrifying, y’all, for a kid whose had her plans from the beginning- from the pretend classroom (with assignments!) as a child, to the graduation map/plan I was handed when I became an education major in college.

I had it all mapped out. Or so I thought.

I am now stuck. I don’t know what direction I’m heading. But I’m starting to think that’s where God wants me right now.

He’s here to guide. He’s here to open-and shut!- doors for me. But it’s up to me to choose the path. To choose which doors are open and shut.

He’s got my plans.. But he’s not telling them to me outright.

He’s helping me to figure them out for myself.

It’s scary and terrifying for someone who likes plans laid out. But something in me feels a little more free than I did when the plan was all mapped out.

This song has been on repeat past few days. Thought it was appropriate for this topic 🙂

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