31 Days | Day 21 {Wave}


Today’s prompt: Wave.

This is me-- sitting on a beach while on a mission trip to Cozumel, Mexico (we took the kids from the orphanage we go to swimming :P )
This is me– sitting on a beach while on a mission trip to Cozumel, Mexico (we took the kids from the orphanage     we go to swimming 😛 )


I have always been a fan of waves. It’s probably the only thing I enjoy about the beach. (I dislike being hot, crowds, and sand– go figure 😉 ).

One of my favorite things to do while on a beach is to sit at the shoreline and let the little waves lap at my feet. It’s so relaxing. I feel like if I ever had the chance to learn to surf, I’d give it a try– I love bouncing among the waves, letting them carry me far out from the land. It’s fun to me.

Waves can be so gentle one minute, crashing over me softly; then the next minute, they turn into something fierce– knocking me off my feet, into the water. They come quickly and menacingly, pounding against the water.

Sometimes you can see the big waves coming into view, so you know to retreat back to mainland.

Then sometimes a rogue wave comes. Straight outta nowhere- something tall and loud, crashing harshly into the water. The kind of wave that takes you under and steals your breath.

Life lately hasn’t handed me many gentle, lapping waves– it’s hit me with powerful blows, rogue waves of decisions and plans breaking and life just shattering about me. 

It’s the kind of waves that take my breath– that scare me and force me to come to the shore for air.

Life has a way of doing that– of everything going swimmingly, life being happy-go-lucky and perfectly according to plan.

Then boom-– rogue wave. Full of scary things, making me fear that they’ll pull me under the water for good.

Thankfully I’ve got someone that knows how to pull me out of the depths when that happens- and He happens to not only be able to help me through the rogue waves that life sends me… but helps me face them head on, instead of being afraid and retreating back to the shore. 

He won’t let me choose the scaredy-cat way out of the rogue waves. Instead, He goes before me, and teaches me how to catch on– and hang on loosely to Him while we conquer the waves this life brings together.

You rule the swelling of the sea; When its waves rise, You still them. Psalm 89:9

Stereotypical wave-themed worship song… cause it’s relevant.

And more Switchfoot. because this song rocks me.

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