31 days | Day 30 {Sea}


this is (almost) it, y’all. As much as I’ve learned doing this whole 31 days things, I think I’m ready for a blog sabbatical. haha!

Today’s prompt is: sea.


I really don’t know where to go with this one, mainly cause I’ve already hit on the beach with my  waves post earlier this month. So, this is what I’ve got:

In their distress, they called out to the Eternal,
    and He saved them from their misery.
29 He commanded the storm to calm down, and it became still.
    A hush came over the waves of the sea,

(Psalm 107, The Voice)

When I’m in my over my head, may I remember that he calms the seas. I just have to call out to Him.

Happy friday, friends!

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