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Music has always had a profound impact on my life. I grew up with family that loved music- playing it, performing it (I’m a choir kid, my brother’s a musician), listening to it… music has always been a big influence on my life. I’ve always been a words girl, especially lyrics. Set pretty words to pretty music? I’m sold.  I’ve written about specific songs here before, and I always try to find a song (or 3) that go with whatever I’m writing.  So, music has always been a part of just about every facet of my life.

Music hasn’t impacted any corner of my life more than my faith life, however. Whenever I’m overwhelmed or struggling, the worship music goes on loud. I’ve always found a song that teaches me about God, or leads me to His word, or that help me find my way back when life becomes too much to handle. Secular, hymns, Christmas songs… music always points me back to Him.

God has used music more than once to save me.

To promote her book Out of Sorts (are you sick of me talking about this book yet? #sorrynotsorry), Sarah Bessey decided to create a spotify playlist of her “faith-story”– a mix of songs she listened to while writing the book, and songs that have impacted her faith. She asked us some of the songs that would be on our faith-story playlist, so I decided to make one.

And I’ll be sharing it with you as my first-ever blog series, Songs on Sunday:

dreams don't workunless you do

On Sundays I’m going to come here and write about a song, a group of songs, or a particular singer/band that has made an impact on me.

From youth group days (long live Superchick and Skillet!!) to VBS songs to Hillsong, I want to see what my faith story has looked like through the lens of my favorite pastime–music.

I’m going to see if I can add the playlist (or what I have so far!) on my sidebar, but I’ll add it here in this post too. I don’t have it all yet– and some songs aren’t available on Spotify (sadness). I’ll write my first music post next week. I’m excited to share and reminicse on the music that has helped shape my story.


I’ll leave you with a new artist that’s captured me– thanks to Sarah’s playlist, actually. I’d never heard of Alli Rogers before Sarah’s list, and I’m so glad I know who she is now. Her words+voice are quite enchanting.

[spotify id=”spotify:track:7fv6mcCvjDRznjnFiCLJeo” width=”300″ height=”380″ /]


See you back next Sunday!

[spotify id=”spotify:user:jordanmtaylor:playlist:4Ohbpo9WepVqibcAkpYdyR” width=”300″ height=”380″ /]

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