five minute friday {present}

happy five minute friday guys!! this week’s topic is very appropriate for me:

You, Lord, are God of the present tense. 

A line from one of my favorite Jon Foreman songs, Again. It’s been stuck in my head all week.

I’m usually stuck in one of two places in my head: firmly rooted in the past, or worrying about my impending future.

Lately, the future has been plaguing me the most.

Last week I wrote about my hatred of waiting. My impatience. I think a lot of my impatience stems from wanting to know my future. Wanting to know what’s going to happen tomorrow, next week, next year… I’m not a spontaneous person. I don’t like waiting to see what happens when it’s already unfolding.

The past couple weeks, I’ve been doing a lot more waiting than I’ve wanted. And I hated it.

I have been forced to take a step back and wait on the Lord’s timing. And, lo and behold, it was irreovocably perfect timing. Always is, even if it doesn’t feel like it is at the time.

Instead of vying so hard to figure out the future, He says to wait. Be here in the present. This is a time and a day He has made, too– not just the future.

He has the plans of the future, but we have the time of the present to put that plan into motion now. 

Unbreakably Kimmy Schmidt told us to take life at 10 seconds at a time. That’s all we need. We don’t need to figure out the future just yet.

I need to be more present in the present tense. Even if it’s just for 10 seconds at a time. 


Because the future is in His hands… but today is in mine. And I can bring Him as much glory in the present tense as I will in the someday He’s promised me.

Wait for the LORD; be strong, and let your heart take courage. Wait for the LORD! -Psalm 27:14 (ESV)


14 thoughts on “five minute friday {present}

  1. I loved your quote: “The future is in His hands, but today is mine.” So true! We can rest because we know God holds our future, but we can determine how to live today! (I’m your neighbor at FMF link-up!)
    Sarah (www.sarahefrazer.com)

  2. The future is in his hands!! I have to remind myself of this daily. I am also in a presence of waiting. My husband was wrongfully convicted of a crime and currently in prison and he is appealing. He knows he is going go get out, he got a vision from God of him being reunited with the kids and myself. We just don’t know when so we are in a waiting/growing period. I am not the most patient person, but God is working on my character throughout this whole ordeal. I just must remember that God has this.

    your fmf friend parked at number 5 this week

    1. goodness what a scary situation! but what a triumph when freedom day comes for him… I pray it is very soon. I’m so sorry for your ordeal, but know He has it and will use it to bring hope and glory to whomever needs it. <3

  3. It is so easy to get caught up in the future. I am guilty of that too. I need to remember to be present in the here and now too. Great post Jordan! I’m in the #60 spot this week.

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