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Five Minute Friday on  a Saturday! Woo.

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I like this one.



“Sometimes you need to throw logic out the window!”– a friend of mine said this to me a few months ago. We were talking about stuff going on at home and ways I could get out and fix it. I kept telling her that there was no logical way to do it– no way I knew of that I could fix or change my somewhat-dire situation.

I have always found a way to limit myself– or rather, what God can and will do.

I always (always) underestimate what kind of God I serve.

He made the sky and the stars, and yet He still knows me by name. He made this entire universe, and every detail as it should go… yet He calls me his. Little me.

How could a God so massive yet so personal be limited in what He can do with me?

Yet I understimate myself and my abilities. I don’t think I can do this, or I need a plan to do that. When really: I need to let go of what limits I’ve put on myself and my abilities, and let Him work through me instead. He can do bold, He can do wild. He can go beyond what my logical brain can and make beautiful things out of the nothingness I feel like right now. As much as  I want to be the girl with the plan and the ideas, right now? I’ve got nothing. But that’s where God needs me: less of me, more of Him. There’s no limit on what I can do when I’m willing to let Him be greater in me.

There is no limit on what He will do. There is no limit on what I can do through Him.


One small thing to add: a couple days ago, a friend made a comment about the future that has stuck with me: I don’t know what’s next, but that means that God can use me however He wants because  I don’t have a plan. His plans, his dreams for us are limitless. They go so beyond what we can think or plan or imagine or logically come up with for ourselves.

My plans are good, but they’re finite. As I’ve learned over the past year, my plans cause me to fall flat on my face in total cluelessness. Instead, I trust a God who can use me however he wants–because His plans for me are limitless.


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