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he’s sweet, i know.

He’s sweet, I know.



He’s sweet, I know.


storm clouds may rise,    IMG_6534FullSizeRender (11).jpg

And strong winds may blow.


(Well) I’ll tell the world,IMG_6088.JPG










I’ll tell it wherever I go. 

I’ll tell them that I have found a Savior, 1493221_1189388051072637_7485853077259657128_n.jpgIMG_6665.JPGIMG_6578.JPG


And He’s sweet I know. 


Sometimes, words can’t do your thoughts justice. Pictures and hymns can, though.

Thankful for this place, the kids and adults who live there, this team-turned-family– for they all showed me my sweet Savior this week. Whenever I was down and out, especially as we were preparing to leave, this song would pop in my head (thanks Adri for introducing it to us). It became a theme song of sorts: everywhere I turned, reminders that I had a Savior, and a sweet one at that, kept popping through in the smallest, sweetest ways. I still don’t have the words quite yet to explain this week, but I am immensely thankful for it.


(pictures either credit to Julie Traina or my iphone; lyrics to “He’s Sweet I Know” by Janie Hill)

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