always {a broken hallelujah}



every breath is 

a second chance. 

A reminder

that we can

start again.

With every breath

we inhale

and exhale–

we have a new chance

to live into grace.

we don’t

have to stay

where we are,

or where we were found.

even if we are broken,

destroyed by life unforgiving.

even if we were found broken by life choices–

our own or others–

it does not matter

anymore. Not to grace.

we can still

take a second chance

with each breath given.

A broken hallelujah

is still a hallelujah.

No matter how battered,

or bruised,

or faint.

We can still sing.

We muster our courage,

we gather our strength,

and we take a deep breath–

for each breath


is a new hallelujah,

a new shot at new life.

This is the start,

the start of a new thing.

a new day,

a new life born,

a new hallelujah

to be sung.

we cave in,


by the chances given,

the grace received.


all of our scars,

our holes

torn by life,

they are always ours.

But so is He,

the One who takes our mess

and wretchedness

and gives us grace

and do-overs.

the one who heals our wounds,

and mends our brokenness,

but gives us scars to tell His story

of redemption and second chances.

While our mess is ours,

He is too–

and second chances

are  part of

the game.






every breath

is a second chance. 

Broken and battered,

my hallelujah still sings:

And I am always yours




and all.

Yesterday I went to a poetry workshop/poetry slam on campus, where we were led in an exercise to use a favorite song as a theme of a poem. (I also performed a poem we wrote from another exercise– file that under “something I never planned on doing ever.”

I decided to take what I wrote and turn it into an actual poem, which is above. It’s from the song  “Always” by Switchfoot– one of my favorite songs of all-time, a reminder that grace is real and second chances are as close as the rising of my chest.  When I’m overwhelmed, I sing this song. And  I remember: He is always ours. I am always His. And that is something worth singing.

All of the italicized portions are direct quotes from the song– the rest is me.

I never claim to be a poet– it is not my strong suit. But I hope this does this song justice.

because it’d be cruel if I didn’t link to the actual song…

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