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When it comes to my faith, and the habits/ rituals of my faith, there are a few things I consider myself to be decently good at.

I love service, helping others. I like praying for people and encouraging them (praying/encouraging myself, another story for another blog). I love to engage in worship, whether through music or other creative channels.

There is one area of faith, however, where I sorely lack.

I struggle with reading and knowing scripture.

I know names of people and basic story lines. I know the Gospel and the story/timeline of Jesus well enough, and could name some important parables. I know most themes of the Psalms like the back of my hand (anxiety and Psalms pair pretty well together). But it’s just bits and pieces, not the whole story.

I struggle to get through reading scripture. I’ve never read the Bible through all the way, understanding the different stories and how they’re connected. I didn’t grow up in church, so I wasn’t spoon-fed the stories in Sunday School or VBS; I didn’t learn the silly songs or poems to remember stories, or grow up watching Veggie Tales (though I love the show now, as a 23 year old. Don’t judge). I had no idea what an AWANA program was and sat through Bible classes in college as a new-ish follower– those classes were the first time I truly ever had to read scripture.

When I started going to church at 13, most people my age knew the stories. They knew how to pronounce the names and could catch references to other scriptures that went unnoticed to me. They had good recall of specific stories without having to read the scripture directly.

10 years after first being introduced to Jesus, I still can’t do that.

This is something that’s been burning in my mind and heart for about a year now. I noticed it strongly when I’d read devotionals or faith-related blogs; I’d read through the scripture that the devo/ blog was based on to get straight to the actual post. When reading the She Reads Truth devos on my phone, I’d barely glance at the actual scripture, electing to skim it because I wanted to get to the devotional for the good stuff.

I loved learning and reading ABOUT scripture. I could get people’s explanations of verses and stories quite well; someone else’s words relating to or talking about scripture really resonated with me. Even writing about scripture myself, putting it in my own words was something I easily can grasp. But understanding and reading the actual scripture itself? Forget it.

I soon decided to take a break from SRT and similar devotionals.  They were keeping me from actually reading and studying the scripture themselves. And yet, I’m still struggling.

I struggle to get through passages when I try. When being the operative word.

I cherry pick the verses I choose to read, instead of trying to read a whole chapter or book so I can get the scope/context. I’m not diligent about reading daily for a set amount of time, or reading a specific book or chapter at a time.

I use scripture as if it’s prescriptive; if something’s wrong, I/someone needs encouragement, I grab a verse or two and stick it on the wound. I use it to make me feel better about life. It’s a pep talk to pump me up, or a healing aid to get me from one ailment to the next; I read scripture to see what it can do for me, not what I can do with it.

But I don’t think scripture’s supposed to be a bandaid. It’s not supposed to be an inspirational speech to merely stick on a canvas or a plaque, is it?

Yet that’s how I’ve treated it. I’ve used scripture to make for an inspirational instagram post or reduced it to 140 characters on twitter when I needed comfort. I lump verses without context or understanding with quotes from books, song lyrics, or facts and statistics: it’s something I just grab a line that invokes a feeling or encouragement, instead of studying and learning from it.

I don’t use it to know Him. To understand His story from beginning to end. To learn about who He is, and how to become more like him.

I want to know more. I’m hungry for knowledge, for details. I have access to a lot of it. But instead, I pull verses to memorize and instead of comprehend and emulate.

I want to know Jesus. And I want to know where He and his story came from. I want to understand stories as a whole, not just bits and pieces and verses I choose. I want to not be confused by verses in the Old Testament, to understand the stories and the connections between the OT and the NT.

I don’t just want to say what I believe. I don’t want to use scripture as a grab bag of go-to pick-me-ups. I want to understand the backstory, where my beliefs came from. I want to read it as a whole– and I want to understand it. So many times have I started reading a chapter in the Bible and have quit because I got confused. Or I’ll read a story and have to re-read it multiple times, only to still not understand.

It’s times like that that I wish I had a solid foundation in scripture. But I don’t.

Boredom is another big thing for me, too. I read the names and the narration between dialogue and I space out. I have no attention span and little discipline, a cruel combination when trying to read and understand something difficult like scripture. I hate admitting that, truthfully. I want to be captivated by it, but instead I either get bored and lose my place or read for a few minutes and stop altogether.

If I get bored, or don’t understand a scripture, I quit reading or skip to the next verse or book. When I don’t understand something, or struggle with a phrase or concept in the bible, I just turn the page. I treat it like a homework assignment or a check on my to-do list, not as an opportunity to learn and know more about the God I claim to follow.

I don’t want to pick and choose scripture to just use in my life to get a certain feeling or comfort; I want to know the words and apply it to my life. There’s a difference in applying certain verses to my life and life situations, and knowing the scripture and applying them in my life.

One of my goals for this year has been to read scripture more– truly read it, not just glance through it looking for nuggets of wisdom. I got a really great Bible study journal, and at first I was using it with gusto, going through the book of Romans. But then I got discouraged. I’d skip a night or not understand a chapter and just throw in the towel. The journal has sat unused for months.

Then I started Bible journaling, which has been awesome for me. I’ve always used art/craft as an outlet and extension of what I’m learning in my faith, so when I saw the Bible journaling ‘trend’ pick up, I joined in. At first i used it while trying to read through the book of John. I’d read, then find a story or verse to journal on, in hopes to memorize and learn the story. Then i got bored. Or school got too busy for me to break out the art supplies. So I quit, and instead only journaled  verses when I wanted/needed comfort or support, instead of journaling to memorize and meditate on scripture.

A wonderful friend gave me a Sacred Ordinary Days planner, which I LOVE. It has the lectionary in it, so it goes through the entire Bible in sections (with OT and NT passages daily). It has probably helped me the most in terms of being disciplined about reading scripture daily. Since I’ve been home from school I haven’t picked it up (really not in need of a planner to sit at home all summer haha); when I do use it, though, it does help me become disciplined in the reading– but not so much in the understanding/grasping what I’m reading

It’s a cruel cycle:  I read, I don’t understand/get confused, and I quit. I don’t want to be like that, but when I don’t understand something it doesn’t make much sense for me to keep reading.

I want to do better. I want to be better at this oh-so important facet of my faith– it’s supposed to be the foundation of my faith, after all!

So, I’m asking for help: what is the best way for me to read and learn the Bible? As someone who didn’t grow up in it, how do I begin to truly read it and understand it?

Is there a study I should try, a Bible I should use, should I try to read with someone (or someones)? This is something I really have been giving a lot of thought to in my life. I just don’t know where to start. And I need help sticking to it when it gets tough– I need to learn how to be more disciplined in this area of my life, instead of quitting when I struggle (perhaps this is where actually asking for help can come in, hmm?). I want a firm foundation not in words of my own or others, but in scripture itself.

I want to read the Bible without getting bored or frustrated. I want to know the stories that shape my faith. But, I need help figuring out how to get there. I need my community to help me grow in this part of my life– because I have no idea how to start.

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  1. Hey, Jordan! I don’t know what it’s like to not grow up in church your whole life and feel lost about the basic stories everyone seems to know. However, I’ve had my own issues with reading Scripture. First of all, I’ve found as I’ve gotten older that while I know the gist of different stories in the Bible, I didn’t see how they all connected. Also, I’ve found that I knew the Sunday School versions of different stories without understanding the full extent of what they mean. So while I’m thankful I grew up in church and hearing Scripture, don’t think I (or people who have backgrounds similar to mine) am without my own problems when it comes to reading Scripture. 🙂

    I’ve also found that I treat it more like a checklist than anything else. It truly ebbs and flows between me seeing it as a checklist and as something I desire to do.

    Here are a few things that have helped me when I read Scripture…

    1. Read consistently. This is really hard for me due to how different my schedule is every day. However, I find that when I do it consistently, I desire it more. This is the same way it is in even friendships; the more I see someone and get to know someone, I usually want to spend even more time with them. When we’ve been apart for a while, our conversations are usually shorter and more awkward. I’ve noticed the same in my spiritual life.

    2. Use a study Bible. These can be pricey, so I usually look out for a sale at LifeWay and get a hardback one. Also, I’ve found some ar McKay’s for a great price and in great condition! I recommend the Life Application Study Bible. It helps focus in on how verses apply to our lives.

    3. Easier translations. I switch up between translations, depending on my mood. However, there are some I never read because I don’t understand them. I recommend the NIV or NLT.

    4. Specificity. While I sometimes just write, I’ve found that there’s a format i like that’s really helped me: summarize, tell at least one attribute of God you see in the passage, and write how it applies to life. I’ve done this with a girl, and it’s helped us both a lot!! Also, set aside a specific time. I can’t do mine in the early morning because I won’t remember it. My favorite Time is in the afternoon, but I don’t always have that luxury. I usually end up doing it at night. (But sitting in a chair at my desk helps more than laying in bed.)

    5. Share with others. I process best through discussion. This is really when I’ve understood Scripture more. It’s helpful to get different perspectives.

    I’ll let you know if I think of anything else! Those are all things that have helped me, though. And just remember that the Old Testament is pointing toward Jesus and still shows us who God is, while the New Testament points back to Jesus. I was reminded by a friend recently that we should read the Bible both for life application and to know God more.

    Sorry for the lengthy reply. So proud of you for asking for help!!

  2. Good for you, Jordan, for desiring to get into Scripture more. I have read through the Bible several times…using different translations. Most Bibles have some kind of plan in them for reading through. The last time I read through it was the English Standard Version. This year I am working on reading it through with the Amplified Bible. I have the YouVersion Bible app on my phone and IPad. Love it.

    As a child who pretty much grew up in church I learned Bible verses like crazy. I can remember actually learning the 23rd Psalm in Sunday School so I could get a small New Testament as a reward. Now as a 50-yr old my memory ain’t what it used to be. I can still quote the gist of many verses and can turn to a specific book of the Bible when the pastor announces his sermon text, but I have a horrible time remembering where it actually is. 🙂

    As to versions of the Bible I love to read many different ones. My main Bible is a New International Version study one (love love love it), and our church uses the English Standard version. I have always heard to not use The Message version as a study one, because it is a very loosely translated one. I love the Amplfied one, too.

    Hope this helps, friend! Text me if you want to talk more about it. Love ya!!!

    1. Thanks friend! I’ve used NCV and NIV in the past, I’m currently using ESV myself. I like the message (and the voice), but always use them beside other translations. Love you!! <3

  3. Good for you for wanting to go deeper!

    I think the best place to start is with prayer. Tell the Lord what you’re struggling with. Ask Him to open your mind to understand what you’re reading. Ask Him to grow a strong, passionate desire in your heart to hear from Him through His Word. Remember: This isn’t an academic exercise. This is the Lord of the universe speaking to you. He wants you to know what He thinks about everything and learn to obey what He says. He will respond to those prayers.

    As far as specific studies go, I recommend “Seamless” by Angie Smith and “Read the Bible for Life” by George Guthrie. Both give really good overviews of the entire Bible and how it all fits together. “Seamless” traces the theme of redemption while “Read the Bible for Life” gets into the different types of literature in the Bible and how to make sense of it all.

    Are you plugged into a “real life” small group at all? That’s important. Hearing what other people have to say helps. Knowing that they have questions helps. When you’re in a small group something beautiful happens: you learn from others as they learn from you and you all learn from Jesus. It can be scary to take the plunge, but it’s worth it.

    Nobody has ever “arrived” when it comes to the Bible. There’s always more to know, always room to grow. Don’t be ashamed of where you’re at. Hold your head up and do what you have to do to learn and grow. Don’t let anyone shame you. God doesn’t care that you’ve got issues with study and you don’t know everything. He’s glad you want to grow and He’s willing and able to aid you in that journey!

    1. Thanks friend! I’ve heard of Seamless but not of the other, I’ll check them both out!

      I’m currently not involved in a group (or a church, actually– for a few reasons) but am hoping to change that this summer. I work through things so much better with others! A friend from a facebook group I’m in is going to partner with me to go through the new IF:Rooted study when it starts (it’s about reading scripture); while it’s not an in-person study, I’m excited to have someone to walk through it with!

      Thankful as always for your wisdom! <3

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