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taking a break from my Friends bingeing to join five minute friday this week! it’s been awhile.

the word for this week:



I like this one!

Everything I make or create is in worship and to the glory of the one who created me.

Art and crafting is one of my primary ways to worship. I’ve always been a hands-on learner– I like doing something with my hands to help me understand or learn new things. And that quickly translated into my faith life too: I love writing out verses in a pretty (for me) script, or drawing some sort of art to represent a Bible story. When I have quiet time, somehow someway usually my crafting supplies comes out, and I make something out of it: scrapbook pages etched with scripture, canvases painted and drawn on. It’s an outward expression of worship: something tangible to remind me of the words, the story, the God I love.

Bible journaling is a “trend” so to speak right now: people are starting to use journaling Bibles and arts/crafts supplies to draw, write, create pieces of art as worship to our creator. I quickly got on board, buying a journaling Bible and some supplies with Christmas money. It’s basically what I was doing before, but IN my Bible, which I loved. I could turn to a specific verse and write/draw/create something that went with that verse, contained in the Bible. I love it.

Something I noticed soon after starting Bible journaling was how much of my perfectionism is wrapped up in my creation: if it wasn’t perfect, or didn’t look like that super talented artist person’s illustration, then it wasn’t good enough. I would try to fix things that didn’t need fixing, until I would mess them up completely. My handwriting or painting skills or drawings didn’t look how I wanted them to look (perfect). I’m very crafty, y’all, but artsy I am not. And I struggle with that: a longing to create, but not the talent I want to do it to my standards.

I lost sight of why I was journaling in the first place: to worship. to honor. to glorify. to learn. to express my thoughts and feelings on what God was/is teaching me.

I create to worship my Creator, not to worship my art. 

That’s what creating is about for me: creating art, in my Bible and out, that reflects the love and heart of my Creator and all He is doing in me.

And all I create is pleasing to Him, if my heart’s in the right place.

a few examples of my creations, ones I love and ones I don’t (but all pleasing to God):



8 thoughts on “five minute friday {create}

  1. Jordon, the perfectionism in me is why I haven’t signed up for one of the painting classes this far. It’s not about the perfectionism it’s about getting out of my comfort zone and trying something new and having fun. Your Bible art is beautiful, good for you putting pictures of the ones you don’t love out there too!

  2. Hi Jordan,

    Dropping by from FMF.

    That’s great! Hand-on learning. I love DIY since I was a kid. Learning never ends. And there are lots and lots of things to learn.

    How or what do you journal about, after reading the Bible? Do you brainstorm on the passages and write about those?

    I had read this long ago from Michael Hyatt from MichaelHyatt.com. I think he still does this kind of daily journaling.

    You have some great art there!

    1. thanks for visiting Raspal!! It depends on the day, really. Sometimes I’ll be studying a particular book and a verse pops out at me that I want to journal on. (When I was studying Ephesians I tried to find a verse in each book to go more in-depth with and journal). Sometimes I’ll see a quote or hear a song that I feel fits a verse and journal that way. Sometimes I just open my bible and start reading until something speaks to me! Wherever the spirit leads, i try to follow!

  3. Beautiful! THIS: “Everything I make or create is in worship and to the glory of the one who created me.” I want to try Bible journaling myself. I’m over in the 51 spot this week.

  4. I’m neither artsy nor crafty and I’m a terrible perfectionist, but you make me want to give this whole Bible journaling thing a try! Keep on going, friend. The more you’re in the Word, reading and learning and drawing and painting, the more you’ll love Him – and that’s the goal of our lives.

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