five minute friday, life

if only. (five minute friday).

Five Minute Friday time. This week’s word:


If only.

If only

I had words to say

or things to do

or people to lean on

to make this life okay.


If only I could

figure it all out

instead of staying stagnant,


apathetic to my current life.


If only

life came with an instructions manual

that would open up

to a page that tells me

what to do with my life

and who to do life with.


If only

I had a brain that worked

like it’s supposed to

instead of filling in the gaps

with medicine

and numbness

and the affirmation I desperately crave.



If only

I knew what to dream

or what to say

or what to ask God

when I pray

for my dreams and my plans–

I used to know them all.

Now I know none.

I don’t know which is better.


If only

God would skywrite a message

or send a messenger,


telling me where to go

or what to do with myself.


Because I’m only me. And me?

I don’t know what the hell to do.



It was a poetry kind of night, apparently.


Not crazy about TSwift’s latest (I miss the old Taylor!), but this song is one of my all-time favorites by her, honestly.

2 thoughts on “if only. (five minute friday).

  1. I like the poetry, friend! I know it doesn’t always feel like it but God puts you were you need to be. I truly believe that and trust in that for you friend. I’m your neighbor at FMF this week.

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