you don’t have to agree to love. (five minute friday)

It’s been awhile. January was just a plain ol’ brutal month– and it feels like I’m not the only one with that thought. Between physical pain and another month where depression just about blew me over, I’m quite ready for February. Amen?

I’m not out of the woods yet (to borrow the phrase from TSwift and Hannah Brencher). My writing ability/creativity aren’t quite back yet, but hopefully I’ll get there soon.

FMF time! This week’s word:

Everyday I see it.

Someone saying something absolutely uncalled for– whether it be a derogatory name(s), harassing someone, or being just plain mean to someone for saying what they thought or believed.

Does the internet embolden us to say such cruel things? Would we call each other these mean things if we were sitting across from each other and not typing behind a computer screen?

And not just about politics, either– about theology, beliefs, even the silliest of things– the internet makes it easier for us to argue, and apparently we like it.

I’m not saying we should all agree blindly to what everyone else believes in. The 1st amendment gives you every right to say your piece whether or not I think it’s right or wrong of you.

You don’t have to agree. But if you follow Christ, you DO have to love. 

Love is the commandment. Agreeing on politics or theology is not. Click To Tweet

Love covers a multitude of sins. (1 Peter 4:8)

Love is the greatest of these that God gave us. (1 Cor 13:13)

Love builds bridges whether we agree or not.  Love IS the bridge.

Love trumps hatred, whether said with a keyboard or with a megaphone. Click To Tweet

Loving your neighbor isn’t conditional. We’re simply called to love our neighbors, agreeing or not. It’s hard, but it’s a command, not just an empty wish. 

You don't have to agree. We can agree to disagree all day long. But you DO have to love. And use that love to think twice about the words you type to someone you disagree with. Click To Tweet

I don’t agree with a lot of people. Heck, I don’t agree with my own family a lot of the time. I still love them though. (Though liking them is another story…).

Before you set out to twitter argue with someone, think about love. Think about what love did for you on a cross. Let that love guide you to love other people– even the ones you disagree with. Especially those.


Thought this was an appropriate song. 🙂

8 thoughts on “you don’t have to agree to love. (five minute friday)

  1. It’s so easy to get sucked into the social media swamp. Took me a while to figure out you can’t argue someone into agreeing with you. My post is a harsh (that timer though) wish for our leaders to figure out the same…
    Thank you for your post on this. I loved reading through it.

  2. Beautifully said— sometimes I see what people write, and sometimes what I write, and I’m outrage at the anger of some of my words. Thankfully I read before I click, and then I realize we are all so much better than this and I know this is when I have to step back from the internet. Thank you for this reminder, your neighbor at FMF.

  3. “Love is the commandment. Agreeing on politics or theology is not.” So, so true!!

    We’re much more likely to try to “convert” others to our political party or our sports team than we are to speaking the Truth in Love! We are commanded to love, and it’s a choice. That choice doesn’t depend on whether we agree, though sometimes real Love requires us to stand up for the Truth. It’s loving to warn someone that they’re headed in the wrong direction, but it all comes down to motive. Are we wanting to be right? or are we wanting to truly help them, to warn them about a lie? It can be a thin line, but we won’t always agree. What are the important things we need to agree on? Figure those out and leave the rest alone.

  4. Agreed friend! So much THIS: “Loving your neighbor isn’t conditional. We’re simply called to love our neighbors, agreeing or not. It’s hard, but it’s a command, not just an empty wish. “

  5. Reading your post today brought a tune to mind: “What the world needs now is love, sweet, love. It’s the only thing there’s just too little of.” It’s an oldie but goodie (maybe before your time) but echos exactly what you’re saying. Love on the cross changed everything! We need to reflect that change! Thanks for sharing and hope you feel better, Cindy Wilkins at #fmf

  6. It’s crazy what you find on the internet! People don’t really know how to argue anymore, they just blurt out mean and unreflected thoughts.
    You’re right, we have to love, no matter if we agree or not. Thanks for the reminder!

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