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the why stage of faith. {five minute friday}

FMF time. This week’s five minute friday prompt is fitting, me thinks:


If you’ve ever been around a toddler/ threenager long enough, you’ll figure out their favorite word: why. 

(Italics represent the toddler in the conversation):

Why is the sky blue? I don’t know. Why? 

You need to take a nap. Why? Because you need to rest. Why?

It’s time for dinner. Why? Because I said so! WHY?!?!

Why??! Why?!? Why?!?! 

While this developmental stage in a toddler’s life might be annoying to those around them (I worked with small children in daycares for 3 years. IT GETS OLD), it’s the point in a kid’s developmental stage where they really start thinking and making connections to the world around them. They’re curious,  wanting to learn more, and discover new things– thus they ask why about everything. It’s kinda cool when they start to think for themselves and express it.

I am perpetually stuck in why? stage of my faith. Share on X

Why did this happen? 

Why can’t you fix this? 

Why didn’t this work? 

Why won’t you help me? 

Why won’t you heal me? 

Why God? Why? Why? 

Why? is a part of my faith. It’s the cry of my heart, this wondering curiosity about life.  I will always ask God questions and wonder why things happen the way they do. And I will always wish for an answer to my whys. 

God can handle my questions and my wonders and my doubts. Like the stubborn toddler I love, God knows that I am using the brain He gave me to think and grow my faith when I ask these things, even if I don't get an answer. Share on X

Unlike my daycare teacher self, God doesn’t give me a verbal answer to try to squash my curiosity. He gives me the space to discover the answers myself. And he points me back to his promises, reminding me that even if I don’t have the answers to my whys, I have Him.

Jesus replied, “You do not realize now what I am doing, but later you will understand.” (John 13:7). 

Emily P. Freeman once said, “Instead of a map, He offers us His hand.” He doesn’t answer my whys with a verbal response; He doesn’t give me a map with my plans laid out. He gives me His guidance and His wisdom as a map towards who He’s made me to be.

He answers my questions with Himself. And He is better than any map, any answer I could ask for. Share on X

One of my favorites (Sandra McCracken) released a new EP/album yesterday perfect for this Lenten season. It’s so raw and mournful and lovely. All the songs are great, but this is a favorite.

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  1. I love that Emily P Freeman quote. Oh and two year olds…I’ve heard some doozies over the years too. This is such a beautiful post friend.

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