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there is a song of beauty (five minute friday)

happy FMF (a day late)!

This week’s word:

I wasn’t really thinking about writing on this prompt… a few years back, I wrote a whole dang series on beauty and beautiful and kind of avoid the topic nowadays.

But, as He often does, he reaches me through music.

One of my favorite musicians, Audrey Assad, released her new album this week. As I was listening through it, the lyrics to a song caught my attention:

In the kingdom of the heavens no suffering is unknown
Each tear that falls is holy, each breaking heart a throne

There is a song of beauty on every weeping eye

For there is One who knows me
His heart, it breaks with mine

Upon a quick google search, the song appears to be a remake (a lovely one at that!), but I’d never heard these words before.

A song of beauty. I was struck by that line.

I don’t *quite* understand this line, but this is my thought:

even in the sadness, there is beauty. even when I'm weeping, I can still sing about the good, beautiful things of God. Share on X

I’ve joked with friends before that stars are one of my love languages. They’re my favorite ‘thing’ in nature. They always seem to appear the brightest and most vast on the nights where I need to be reminded that He’s with me. They remind me that He hasn’t left me. They renew my faith on the hardest days. On my worst days, I look up and somehow the sky is clear as day and coated with stars, as if they’re sparkling just for me.

There is something to be said in my life about a jaw-dropping sunset. I love them. And they always tend to happen on my worst, weakest days. The days where I’m struggling to find anything good… and usually, I’ll find a light show outside my window.

I don’t think that’s an accident.

I think he uses beauty to remind me in the midst of the struggle that He's here. He sees me, He knows me, He weeps with me. His heart breaks when my does. Share on X

Even amidst my weeping, there is beauty to be seen. 

Praise be to God for beauty to cling to during the hard times.


And of course, here’s the song!! Her voice is just amazing.


4 thoughts on “there is a song of beauty (five minute friday)

  1. Great post! I agree – there’s beauty even in the sadness and hard times. I think, maybe, beauty is even enhanced because of the sadness and hard times. A quote I love from a book I read as a teenager is this: “It’s in the darkest of skies that stars are best seen.”

  2. Jordan I believe God does use beauty to remind us that He is there. God seems to do that for me with butterflies. I feel calm and cherished by God whenever I see them. Once on a drive home after an exceptionally hard day, I followed a butterfly home. It started at my mailbox (0ur boxes were on the street corner.

    Lovely post. I’m glad you wrote even though it is a topic you have covered before. 🙂

    PS – Love Audrey Assad too!

    Visiting from #61 today

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