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all the things {3.25.18}

hola! lots of good things to share this week.


In My Own Words:

I wrote a thing! About anxiety and shaming and “advice” we don’t need.


On the interwebs:

Mister Rogers: Why We Need Him Now More Than Ever. 

in that same vein: MISTER ROGERS DOCUMENTARY!! I am so pumped.


Before the Resurrection, There is a Simple Meal (from my lovely and talented friend, Carolina)


She Stands in the Gap


Book Towns Are Made for Book Lovers (so, when can I move?! These towns are dreamy).


Sure (a word from my friend, Holly)


For Those Who Are Waiting (I needed this today)


How the Clean Eating Fad is Taking a Toll on Young Women (worth the read)

Brendon Urie (of Panic! At the Disco) sings DuckTales theme song on Fallon Tonight (dude could sing the obituaries and I’d still swoon. His voice kills me!)

Things to buy:

Cook like the Pioneer Woman: I want them all.


One of my favorite poets, Sarah Kay, released a new poem book this week! It looks lovely.


I finished Alexa and Eliza this week (4/5 stars!), and started Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda this week (it’s great so far!)


Speaking of books, I bought these i-clips to use as bookmarks a few months ago (with a gift card). I LOVE THEM. They’re small, but easy to find in my books; thanks to magnets, they don’t fall out of my book like traditional bookmarks, they’re cute and simple and come in so many cute designs (I have the unicorn ones)


Getting crafty with it

My friend Stephanie gave me her original Cricut (she upgraded and wanted to share!). I’m excited to figure it out! Any tips/ideas on what to make are greatly appreciated.


While on Fallon Tonight, Panic! premiered their new single from their new album(!!!). It’s fantastic.

That high note, y’all. *swoons*

That’s all for this week, folks.

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