31 Days | Day 3 {Capture}

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Day 3’s word is:

Capture. {I have no clue what to do with this word. hahaha)


Behold You have come over the hills, upon the mountain
To me, You will run
My Beloved, You’ve captured my heart
Won’t You dance with me
Oh, Lover of my soul
To the song of all songs?

Romance me,                                                                                                                                             Oh Lover of my soul                                                                                                                                 To the song of all songs

—Dance with Me, Jesus Culture

My beloved, you’ve captured my heart. 

I feel like capture is such a hard word- it feels negative to me. In this song (which is a favorite of mine) it uses it in such a beautiful way.

I picture myself dancing, hand in hand with Jesus.

Fully letting myself go– free of my inhibitions, free of my worries, free of what others might think.

The music is soft yet swift. The room is calm, filled with people trying to figure out the dance on their own. I have Jesus though, He knows all the moves and all the dances.

He asks for my hand, and invites me into the dance with him.

I see myself being twirled around, held tightly by his hands as we cascade around the room. He doesn’t loosen his grip as he moves with me to the music– giggling as I step on His feet, unsure of what way to move. He does, and He shows me how.

Feeling fully known, fully loved– fully captured up in his promise and love.

He holds me tightly, spinning me round and round– never letting go, no matter how fast we spin or how far we travel.

He’s captured my heart— not imprisoning it or controlling it. He’s captures it by holding me gently and tightly through life, spinning and dipping with me throughout whatever the days bring me.

I’m captured by Him. But not in the way I thought I’d be.


Dance with Me- Jesus Culture

(lyrics/video added after time 🙂 )

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