31 Days | Day 4 {Embrace}

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Day 4’s word: EMBRACE.


I was going to go in a completely different direction with this one, but changed my mind because of current events. Haha!

If you know me, you know I’m not exactly a spontaneous person. I like my routine. I am not one to do something unless meticulously planned. I am not one to embrace new things or change really well.

And I am not an impulse buyer… until today.

I just bought tickets to see one of my favorite singers live!


Yes, 24 hours from now, I’ll be singing along with Jon Foreman, when my previous plans were to just sit in bed and do nothing all night. 

I knew Jon was coming to town, but I forgot when until I saw a post online about it. I’d thought about going before today, but had chalked up not being able to go to my usual excuses. (added after time: if you don’t know Jon, he’s the lead singer of Switchfoot. And  I pretty much have used his songs in almost all my blog posts, haha). 

Except this week, my excuses kinda fell flat. 

Work– I am on fall break all week! No work til Friday.

Money: I babysat this weekend, plus I get paid Wednesday. PLUS tickets are 20 bucks. Even I can swing that.

Transportation: I don’t have a car, how on earth am I getting to Nashville? Well, a friend works for Uber. She sent me a coupon code for 20 bucks off my ride, AND has offered to be my driver tomorrow night (so fear of not knowing my driver went out the window).

So, literally everything fell into place for this to happen without my even trying. 

I kept hearing a voice whisper in my head: just do it! just do it! Say yes for once!

So I did. 

I am learning to embrace each day as it comes, instead of worrying about the next day (or week). As Jon says in his song, Again:  You are God of the present tense.

Time to embrace the present, the right now– instead of worrying about the what ifs that may come my way.

And that sometimes includes embracing a little spontaneity. Or a lot of spontaneity. 🙂


I may have fixed a spelling error because it was driving me CRAZY (and apparently I don’t know how to spell spontaneity?!?) 

my all-time favorite Jon Foreman song. 🙂

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