31 Days | Day 5 {home}

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Today’s prompt: Home.


This word– such fortuitous timing.

Home is not your safe place.

That’s what my mentor/friend said to me today, as we walked around the park close to my house. I was catching her up on life post-student teaching, as we walked with her darling baby boy in tow.

School-Lipscomb–became my safe place.

Lipscomb became my home. And I miss my home so bad.

Lipscomb gave me a community I didn’t have here- I’d stopped going to church, and wasn’t involved in extracurriculurs or anything of the sort back in Mt. Juliet. So, Lipscomb gave me open doors bigger and better than I’d ever had in my hometown.

It gave me family, something I’d always struggled with back at my own home.

It provided stability, support, and a place to look forward to. I never dreaded living/being on campus because I feel safe there.

Much safer than I feel at my house right now. At least emotionally.

Home right now doesn’t look like a house, with a bedroom with my name on it, and my dogs tucked into bed beside me.

Right now, home is community. It’s my people. It’s safety and security and laughter of friends next door.

I miss my Lipscomb home. more than I ever realized I would.

Temporary Home- Carrie Underwood

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