31 Days | Day 7 {love}

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Back to my FMF prompts today. The prompt for day 7:



Love, love, love… a complicated thing for me. I keep erasing words, because nothing makes sense thinking about this word today.

I very rarely go a day without reminding someone I love them. It’s just natural to me– I love people fiercely, so if I talk to them, or see them, etc., I typically tell them I love them. I never want people to leave me thinking they’re not loved.

I think God does that for me too. Every day- no matter how good or bad or ugly it’s been- I feel like God never wants me to forget how loved I am. It took a long time for me to even feel like I was loved, so now He doesn’t let me forget it.

Somedays his reminders are obvious.   The biggest way I feel His love is through people. Hugs, words, genuinely caring for me– all remind me of His love.

Other ways it’s more subtle. A song, an article I read online, a quote, something on social media. A warm day of sunshine. A gorgeous sunset.

All of these gently whisper to me: I love you. I love you. Every day, I love you. No matter what. 

And some days, it’s those gentle reminders that give me life.

He uses what I love to show me His love. It’s always what my heart needs.

Two things you told me… that you are strong, and You love me. Thank you Jesus, for never letting me forget it.

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