31 Days | Day 10 {ready}

This is a post in my 31 Days series. Don’t know what that means? Go here

Today’s word for 31 days: ready.



Ready or not,

here it comes.

whether expected

or not
life comes at us

at 100 miles per hour.

Despite our planning
or devising

or work towards a goal,

it can all change

in a blink.

ready! set! go!

moving forward,

not backward–

despite plans failing

or goals changing,

life keeps moving foward



and hell-bent

on the finish line.

whether we’re ready or not

or we want to stop instead of go,

life keeps going

keeps changing

keeps dancing in front of us.

waiting on our reaction

to the next new thing.

ready is fiction.

ready is a curse.

because we can say

we’re ready

but we truly never know

until the moment of truth

comes knocking at our doorstep

ready to change us,

liking it or not.

I felt like poetry, again. And I finished it in my time constraints this time. I think the point I was getting at here, is no matter how much we say we’re ready for something, one is never ready until life is put in front of them. We can say ready or not, or ready set go, or other cliches about being prepared for life, but we can never be fully prepared– whether we like it or not.

Thanks for reading my poor-man’s fast poetry. haha!

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