31 days | Day 11 {rest}

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Today’s word: rest.



I’m always struck by how much I get out of rest when I take the time to do it. Not the sleep kind, either. (I have a paradox with sleep–I both hate wasting time sleeping yet love sleeping my days away. Mental illness makes the simplest things strange). But moreso, resting as in taking a break from life and just being still for a bit. 

I sometimes feel like I am attached to my laptop, or to my phone- constantly seeking information, constantly trying to stay up-to-date on the latest and greatest news–both around the world and in my personal life.

Lately I haven’t given my self a chance to rest– to take a break from the chaos the world offers, and just rest in the peace He gives me. I’m constantly going, doing, reading, talking, writing- that I don’t do a whole lot of being. Of quieting myself down and listening.

And yet, amazingly, when I do this thing- this resting thing– I feel ten times more energized and connected to God than I do by reading an article online, or reading another blog post (so! many! to! read!), or scrolling through instagram.

I learn more about who I am and who He is when i give my soul a chance to rest and be, instead of all the doing it’s used to.

My soul needs rest just as much as my body does. So why do i not give myself space to rest more?

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