31 days | day 13 {storm}

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So, this is the topic from yesterday, but i wrote a post i really liked so decided to skip this yesterday and post this today (does that make ANY sense? it’s been a day. LOL).

Anywho, i wrote a different post yesterday, but it’s back to FMF today.

The prompt: storm.


Storms are one of my favorite paradoxes. There aren’t many things that can equally terrify and amaze me at the same time.

Last night we had a big ol’ southern storm. God pulled out all the stops: bright shoots of lightening, lighting bolts striking the air, claps of thunder and wind pulling the un-raked leaves from the ground. I have always loved storms, even if they scare me a bit. I grew up watching them with my papa on our front porch, ‘counting’ the thunder to see how far away the storm was– even now as an adult, i still do that for fun. 🙂

I was watching from my front step as the lightening lit up the sky. it was both beautiful and powerful, awe-inspiring yet frightening. i was shouting “whoa!” as the sky brightened up every few seconds, all the while jumping at the loud thunder accompanying it.

storms are one of my favorite reminders of God, both in his power to bring light to the sky in a single flash, and his ability to command our attention with one thunderous boom. Storms show his power and his gentle touch of creation at the same time. it’s remarkable to me.

my favorite part is the calm after the storm, though- the greatest reminder that life doesn’t end in the ashes. storms remind me that the light comes after the darkness.

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