31 Days | Day 16 {Laugh}

Halfway through this whole 31 days thing and have written every single day. Now THAT is a triumph!! *cheers for self*

Today’s prompt: laugh.


this is a good one!


I’m pretty sure loud laughing is one of my spiritual gifts.

I absolutely love laughing– it’s of life’s greatest joys.

I absolutely love nothing more than to laugh. I try hard to tell stories to make other people laugh- or tell them in a way to make people at least chuckle (sarcasm is another one of my spiritual gifts).

One of the best ways to help me when I’m struggling is to make me laugh. I can go from tears to laughter in a flat minute.

Laughter brings us closer to each other. Most of my stories with friends, teammates, colleagues all surround laughter.

Life is too important to take seriously all the time. We need to enjoy it- and embrace the moments where we can giggle at something, or roar with laughter. Both kind of moments are important.

A day without laughter is a day wasted, indeed.

What are some funny moments that keep you laughing in life?

most of mine involve my dogs. or my best friend- she is the queen of making me laugh.

I hope someone (or something) has made you laugh today!

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