31 Days | Day 17 {Offer}


Today’s prompt: offer.



Lord prepare me, to be a Sanctuary

Pure and holy; tried and true

With Thanksgiving, I’ll be a living

Sanctuary for You

When I think of offer, I think of this song.

15 Through Jesus, then, let us keep offering to God our own sacrifice, the praise of lips that confess His name without ceasing. (Hebrews 13:15 The Voice)

Somedays I feel like I have nothing to offer. 

I have a lot of baggage. A lot of doubt. Questions, worries, struggles galore.

And yet, God wants me. He wants me just as I am- baggage, questions, worries and all.

He just wants me. And he promises he’ll use whatever I have to offer to bring Him glory.

So, I simply offer up myself.  As a sanctuary, a living sacrifice.

Do what you have in mind, Lord. Here I am- send me! Use me! 

May I always remember to offer myself, with the reminder that He’ll take all that I have to offer.

God doesn’t want something from us. He simply wants us.- CS Lewis.

And thankfully, he won’t leave us with what we offer him.

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