31 Days 2015

31 Days | Day 18 {Worth}


Day 18 prompt: Worth.



I am an extremely sentimental person. I think it goes hand-in-hand with being emotional- I get attached to certain things like I get attached to people. 

I’ve kept a keepsake box for many years; it has notes, cards, letter, ticket stubs, pictures, random knick knacks… everything in their has some sentimental value for me. I go through it when I’m having a rough time. I re-read the notes, laugh at the pictures, smile at the random things I’ve kept over the years.

They may not be worth a lot monetarily, but they have infinite worth to me and my heart. My keepsake box would be the first thing I grab (besides my pets!) if there was an emergency of any kind in my house.

I am a lover of my stuff– my sentimental stuff, my pretty stuff, my useful or not-so useful stuff. Cheap or expensive, old or new, I am a collector of things that make me smile, or things I find pretty and nice and sentimental. Memory-provoking or simply joy inducing, I enjoy my things.

While I know these things won’t mean much when Kingdom come, these ‘things’ mean a lot to me now. 

While we store up our treasures for heaven, I think it’s okay to put some worth in the things that make our souls happy here. We aren’t supposed to wait on heaven to truly live; and sometimes, ‘living’ means putting some worth in the things we love here on earth. 

While stuff may simply be stuff, our stuff still has worth. 


*this post was inspired by an article Sarah Bessey wrote over at The Art of Simple… it kinda came at a perfect time for me. Click here to read on!

From the article:

“I believe there is room in our homes – and in our lives – for more than just the useful or functional; there is room for the lovely, the memory-filled, the beautiful, the sacred, the just-because-I-love-it-still stuff.”

just because you need more Jon Foreman in your life… and because these lyrics just make my heart happy.

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