five minute friday

we’re invited in. (five minute friday)

Happy five minute friday, yo.

Skipped the party because… well, I forgot about it until after it was over. #sotired #workingthreejobsthisweek #dogsittingisexhausting

Anywho, the word of the day is:

I was taking the dog I’ve been dogsitting all week out late tonight for his last outdoor adventure of the day. I walked outside,┬ápondering tonight’s prompt, and immediately was taken in by the sea of stars covering the sky. (This and this alone is why I love living in a small city).

Anyone who knows me well knows that I love stars. I joke that they’re one of my love languages,┬ábecause it’s one of the biggest ways God reminds me of his love for me.

I was looking upward, while keeping an eye on the dog running around when a thought popped into my head.


The same person who created and named the stars invites me into life with Him.

He invites me into life with him. Life where he knows my name and all the things about me– and loves me still.

I’m invited into life with Him. Not just life where I do what I think he says I should do and cross Christian-y tasks off my get-to-heaven to-do list. No, actual relationship. He invites me into something bigger and better than i can find anywhere on this earth.

I just have to invite him in first.




I actually wrote this one in 5 minutes, y’all. *throws confetti*


and my favorite stars-related song:

Definitely dare ya to not sing the chorus at the top of your lungs. Pretty sure my throat was sore the day after Switchfoot in concert solely because of this song.

5 thoughts on “we’re invited in. (five minute friday)

  1. I love the stars too! I wish I could see them better where I am (I live in a city now, with just a little too much light pollution…)

    Also, that song is on my always and forever favorite Switchfoot album. So good.

    (Hi from #76 at FMF this week!)

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