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My little corner of the internet: 

My 3rd post for The Mighty went live on Friday! This was a hard one to write, but it also involves John Green so that’s fun. If you haven’t read Turtles All the Way Down, SPOILERS!

No posts on the blogstead this week. My energy/motivation has slowly been re-appearing, but I’ve been focusing it on freelance articles instead of blog posts. This week, Jordan Reads Things will be live! Promise.

The Mighty also featured my post from last week on one of their Facebook pages. So fun.

Words from the internet I liked: 

You’re okay.: Hannah Brencher’s one of my faves. Her Monday pep talks always get me geared for the week, and her words pump me up and get me all in my feels. I felt like this post was sweetly whispered in my ear: you’re okay. I needed the reminder that it’s okay to not be on my A-game all the time (rather, it’s impossible). Her words are smooth and truthful, and they got me on the right track for a better week.

Perfection is a conspiracy theory we’re all believing in. Perfection is a paper town. We still chase after it because it looks like other people, people with more followers and more kale on their plates, have somehow attained it. Let the myth die: not a single one of us knows what perfection feels like.

The Membership of the Living: the common anxieties:  I felt myself nodding along to Lore’s thoughts as I read, so achingly true they all were. It was a strikingly simple string of words, but a powerful one on the lost art of listening.

Rarely do we stop to consider how alike most of us all are, deeply wanting to be loved (or even liked), deeply desiring the full experience of being alive, and deeply wanting to be found faithful. And how most of us just want the comfort of another person acknowledging the pain of life on this orb, and then simply saying, “I’m sorry. I think I get it a little, but not all the way, but I want to sit here with you in it.”

My Favorite Non-Fiction Books to Empower Everyday Women:

Sarah Bessey is my favorite. Always. And her book lists/gift lists are always on point. This one has some great books on it– some I’ve read (including Shalom Sistas, hollaaaa), and some that have been on my wishlist (like A Woman’s Place by Katelyn Beaty), and some I’d not heard of but are now on my never-ending TBR list. Man, I just love books. (and all of SB’s book lists are linked at the end of her post!)

11 Missing Days: Agatha Christie’s greatest mystery:  Umm, this is fascinating. While I doubt this is the greatest mystery Christie’s known for (a little extreme considering she’s out-sold every novelist in the world with her mysteries), but still kinda crazy thinking a mystery novelist was in a mystery of her own. I’ve only read one of her books (wonderfully written, but mysteries aren’t my thing), but I’m so intrigued by her now.

This Is What I Need In A Partner Because Of Anxietywhile this article is about dating, I think it could be extended to friendships as well (at least for me, the girl that doesn’t date). And I don’t think I necessarily need all of these things, but some of them are on point for me as an anxious person (texting back, following through w/plans, being on time/letting me know if you’re running late, consistency, listening…) basically, I need someone who isn’t going to leave, and is going to follow through with what they say. I will always second guess myself– my responses, my questions, my words, my actions… I need someone who won’t feed that guesswork. I will never stop worrying if I’m a good enough friend/human and need people to validate that in me.

When you have anxiety you are someone people can rely on simply because you hate the feeling of being let down yourself. (YES THIS).

When You Can’t Fix Your Weary Soul: I really loved seeing this on (in}courage. I’m hoping the tide is changing for our discussion on things mental health in the Christian world, because there are too many who still see it as a sin problem/something you can only fix with prayer/etc. I’m thankful for Sarah’s honesty and her real-ness. The reality of mental illness is that it might be fixed, the pills or therapy or whatever can and might help. But even if not, God is still God. And He still loves me. Even when I’m drowning in the weight of sadness or in the spirals of anxiety, He is near.

I am faithful and I am sad. I am obedient to the best of my ability and I have a downcast soul. It may or may not go away, but it doesn’t change my status in God’s Kingdom. I am His child. And I am hurting. But He is gentle and kind and is with me in this.

It Only Took 56 Years, But Now You Can Actually Have Breakfast At Tiffany’sI’ve been an obsessive Breakfast At Tiffany’s/Audrey Hepburn fan since… high school at least? It’s one of the few movies I prefer over the book (Not Truman Capote’s best, imo). I LOVE THIS MOVIE. I will someday purchase something that comes in a little blue box. Not anytime soon, but someday! And now there’s a cafe where you can literally eat breakfast at Tiffany’s and my obsessive heart is just filled with joy and Tiffany diamonds. Anyone wanna plan a trip to NYC with me?

Thoughts and Prayers: I ‘met’ Heather through her blog right around the time her son James was born (so a little over 4 years! wow!). She’s a hilarious writer and blogger, and her thoughts on grief and living after the loss of her daughter, Maddie, are honest and thoughtful and helpful to those of us that haven’t walked that road. Maddie would’ve turned 10 on Saturday. In light of recent events (shootings et all), we see a lot of people offering “thoughts and prayers,” to no end. But Heather points out that while thoughts and prayers are great, even necessary and helpful, they are not where we should end. Thoughts and prayers should compel us to do something. I’m a believer in prayer and think God can move mountains, but I think he uses us, the praying people, to do the moving. Prayer should compel us to action– whether that be service, donations, whatever it may be depending on the situation.  I also think a lot of people use the “thoughts and prayers” as a way to not do/say anything. Saying you’re going to pray and then not thinking about it again does nothing to help people. If you believe in the power of prayer, use those prayers to do something. That means a lot more than an empty offer of thoughts and prayers.

Thoughts and prayers should be a beginning, not an end.

New augmented reality mobile game Harry Potter: Wizards Unite announced:

Think Pokemon GO, for Harry Potter fans. I AM SO EXCITED SOMETHING WORTH LEAVING THE HOUSE FOR!! I’m literally grinning, I’m so dang giddy about this. We have to wait until 2018, but I don’t mind waiting.


Cool things to buy on the internet: 

Harry Potter 12 Days of Socks Advent Calendar. I need it. Unfortunately it’s pretty much sold out right now (bah humbug), but hopefully, Target will restock soon. They also have Disney and DC comic versions!

Someday I will own this nativity set from Noonday Collection. It’s beautiful and handmade!

Amazon has their own furniture collection now, and it is very pretty.

I just recently partnered with ThredUP, the largest online secondhand shop, to do some sharing/blogging with them. I’m awaiting the last few items from my purchase before I write, but what I’ve gotten from them so far (that fit) I’ve gotten some awesome compliments on. There were a few sizing issues (plus-size probs) but now I’ve exchanged everything and hopefully, this last exchange does the trick. *fingers crossed*

Stay Home Pillow: I would never spend this much money on a pillow, but I need it.

Sacred Holidays Advent Study! Only 10 days left to get SH’s study in time for Advent to start (11/22)! I did their Lent study and it’s awesome. Their studies are very detailed and thorough, but not overwhelming. I love the theme for this year, “For All.” They have a women’s, men’s, and family study, and use the code FRIENDSGET10 for 10 percent off!

I love love LOVE the ladies behind this product, and can’t wait to use it for Advent this year. Also, follow Sacred Holidays on social media for updates and other ways to help make your holiday season a little more sacred. Find them here: Facebook, Sacred Holidays Tribe,  Instagram

TOMS. Anyone that knows me well knows I have a slight obsession. If only they’d quit coming out with cute ones! I care nothing about shoes, except for Toms.

On the top of my list this year: Glitter. Toms. Need I say more? #alltheglitterallthetime

Also glitter, but rose gold glitter. yes, please.

Not glitter, but stars. My other favorite. So pretty.

Vintage floral. I love the sunflowers!

DaySpring currently has a 70% off sale going on for some of their awesome Illustrated Faith products! I need to stock up on black and white alphas while they’re so cheap, and the new Created to Create 2 and Word Nerd kits are $5 off! So tempting. These watercolors are 1/3rd the price they usually are! Great Christmas gift idea right here.

While on DaySpring, check out the new Bible Journaling kit, Defiant Joy, to go with Candace Payne’s new book Laugh It Up. Candace is known to many as the Chewbacca Mom, and she just released this book last week! I can’t wait to read it, and the journaling kit that she and DaySpring put together is so awesome.

Well-Watered Women released their new/updated Give Me Jesus journal! I have an original GMJ journal I bought in 2015 and still use it in my studying. (It was technically a 40-day journal, but I’ve been able to stretch it! haha). This one is even more beautiful and they’ve completely updated the inside of the journal. I’ve loved having a guided journal (that has sections for prayer, scripture study, etc., but a lot of the sections in the old journal felt a little moot to me– so I ended up just using them as space to do more study journaling. The new journal looks different on the inside, and I’m excited to see the difference when I can get my hands on one!


They also have a new journal called the Redefined journal, which looks like an awesome journal to have on-hand if you’re struggling with anxiety/depression etc. It has different sections for different things you can write, such as “Lie vs Truth,” “I Feel…But I know…” and so on. Looks super awesome and useful.

I think that’s it for this week. Follow my writer page on Facebook for more writerly updates and sometimes funny things, among other amusements.

Thanks for reading, peoples.




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