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all the things {3.11.18}

a 3-week hiatus is better than a 2 month one, yes?

I had every intention of going back to weekly, then life happened. I may just make this a monthly thing. We’ll see.

In My Own Words:

Book Blog! 

A Good Word is Hard to Hear

FMF Posts: Here, here, and here

On the interwebs:

my new five year plan 


For the Women (i love Amena’s spoken word)


How to Add an Inclusion Rider to Your Contract (important words from Deidra Riggs)


Kicking Fear Off the Platform (timely words from hb)


When Anxiety Has You Anticipating the Day Everyone Will Leave You


The Importance of Checking in On Your Friends (SO IMPORTANT. My doctor reamed me for not taking care of myself this week. It’s important to make sure your friends are okay).


Reflections on Bad Tweets About Faith & Mental Health


A Book List For Spiritual Questions (great ones! I’d add Out of Sorts by Sarah Bessey and Searching for Sunday by RHE).

Cool things to buy:

Whenever I move out into my own place, I will own this couch.

My friend Chelsa shared this shirt online, and I loved it so much I bought one for myself (with the help of another generous friend).

I mentioned recently how I was looking for a new devotional. Just like clockwork, Shanna Noel of Illustrated Faith announced this beauty! I love it. When I’m not broke it’ll be my next purchase 🙂

I want these Kate Spade tennis shoes. I’m not getting married anytime soon, but I still want them.

I want to try to get one of these before my trip to FFW in April. I had one previously but it’s run its course (and also this one has butterflies on it which makes me happy)

One of my favorite food bloggers has a new cookbook coming out in a couple weeks! I’m so excited.

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