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the why stage of faith. {five minute friday}

FMF time. This week’s five minute friday prompt is fitting, me thinks:   If you’ve ever been around a toddler/ threenager long enough, you’ll figure out their favorite word: why.  (Italics represent the toddler in the conversation): Why is the sky blue? I don’t know. Why?  You need to take a nap. Why? Because you need… Read More the why stage of faith. {five minute friday}


motivate me.

It’s been awhile– between back pain flare up and sickness over Christmas (AND new years), and my depression hitting me hard the last few weeks, writing has been on my backburner. Oops. Anyway, no better way to kick off a new year of writing than a Five Minute Friday post, right?   This week’s word:… Read More motivate me.


be my understanding.

This hasn’t been my favorite year in the world. It hasn’t been the worst, but it definitely has not been the best. I always refer to things in life as seasons, because Christians tend to do that a la Ecclesiastes 3 (for everything there is a season…) But honestly? This isn’t a season. This is my… Read More be my understanding.